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Edit: I am NOT talking about the software shading thing that Android does to the status bar. This "burn in" is visible in all full screen content, including videos and the boot animation. It's a screen defect. I've noticed that seemingly a decent amount of Pixel 3XLs have burn in right where the status bar ends on either side of the notch right out of the box, before any use. Like the status bar part of the screen is darker than the rest of it. I noticed it on my first phone Every week: Up to 20-40 hours of programming, reddit, or foobar2000 with white background at low brightness Up to 20-40 hours of gaming. Unfortunately my 2017 LG 55b7 model has burn in. I believe this came about when I fell asleep with the tv paused and it was static for hours. It's noticeable when I put up red and magenta screens. I did the screen clearing option multiple times on the tv with no change. It's frustrating as all get out because it's not a small thing in one corner. In a lot of content it's not that noticeable, but certain scenes it's very apparent. Now I need a new tv. I love the blacks and contrast Just curious to see how the screens I know others have reported it, but I've had my Pixel 3 XL for less than a week and the burn in from when the notch bar is black is already slightly noticable. I mean, nothing we can really do about that I guess. Just really sucks, and thought I'd report. Pretty simple, videos like this https://youtu.be/LdbqwF_KCzI claim to fix screen burn. Is it true? Will it make it worse? Do nothing I am planning to get a FAT vita (PSV-1000). However, my concern is that games that I am interested in are mainly VN or jrpg games that have a lot of dialogue scenes with stationary images. I fear if I mainly play VN and jrpg games, my vita would be susceptible to burn in due to those stationary pictures. I understand I can get a slim version, but I really prefer OLED over LCD. Any experience of playing VN games on FAT vita? Do you get a lot of burn in and how severe is it? Any advice would. I recently posted about my Samsung burn-in experience and how awful it was. I contacted support and was told to take it to my local BestBuy where they fixed it for me for free. They also replaced the entire front panel (eliminating all the scratches I have accumulated over time and replacing my trashy battery). The guy also broke the back panel and was able to replace that as well. Currently very happy with Samsung's service. Thankfully I no longer have to live with that awful burn-in Hello, I'm currently deciding between keeping the iPhone XS max that I have now, or selling it and getting an iPhone XR instead, all because of the whole OLED vs LCD screen burn-in debate. I am IN LOVE with the darker blacks on the XS max, but I am terrified of the screen getting burnt in, especially because I use my phone practically 24/7 and 98% of the time, I have my keyboard up. I previously had the samsung s9 and after only a few months use, the home button and the keyboard ended up getting. So I just upgraded to the S10+ and I am about to send back my S9+. The S9+ has somewhat noticable screen burn in when the screen is white. Besides that it's hard to notice. Can Sprint turn around and charge me and claim that the device is damaged. Hey r/audiophile! I’m constantly seeing videos about “Is burn-in real?” Some people are proving real, some people are proving it false. but guess what? Unlike 00 cables or a bowl that “increases the sound quality,” it’s free! It doesn’t cost you anything to burn in your speakers. And it doesn’t cost you anything to not burn in speakers. Just my two cents. I bought some new headphones lately (my first pair of good over ear headphones) and at first I wasn’t very impressed (bought online in a sale so hadn’t tried them). A friend of mine who owns a lot of high end equipment said they probably needed some burn in. 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